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What Makes a Great Logo?

A great logo is one that is effective, memorable and accurately conveys the company’s identity.

In order to accomplish this you have to take into account the below points.

Distinguish your company from your competition

Don’t try to emulate another company. Be your own brand.

Use meaningful colors

Colours and shades can have different effects on people because of color association. For example Blue is a cold colour that would be perfect for a logo that is linked with the ocean or water like a boat manufacturer or water filtration business.

Use an appropriate font

fonts are very important when creating the ‘mood’ of your logo. Your logo font should reflect the ‘mood’ or ‘feel’ of your company or brand. For example, an engineering company would use strong simple structural text, whereas a women’s fashion label may use a more flowing and feminine font.

Be simple

Your logo should be simple. This is not to say that you can’t be ‘simply clever’ to give an understated quality logo that represents your quality product or service.

Be memorable

Your logo should make a statement about your company. Your logo should be at the for-front of your customers mind the next time they need your services.

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